Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day 5 - Xunantunich

Happy #NationalAgDay ! Did you know that the Mayans were farmers? About 90% of Maya were involved in farming.  They can be credited with domesticating a specialized, sting-less bee alongside their brilliant architectural accomplishments. God's played an important role in Mayan society. Among these were Yum Caax (one name for the maize, or corn, God) and Chac the rain God.

John imitating Chac the water God

Commoners would have come here to speak with those who were close to the Gods. They would bring offerings and dress according to their requests. 

The royal family would have stayed here.

As the Mayan empire grew, and more people came to live in the plaza, the middle building was added. This was done so that they ruling family may have more privacy. 

Everyone appreciating the beautiful scenery


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with those of us who have been following your blog. It looks like you all had a wonderful experience in Belize.

  2. It was a blast! We did not have much internet, so I am uploading the rest of our experiences. Be sure to check back with us and thanks for following along!